The Interiors

The interiors of Winfield House are extraordinarily rich with detail, exhibiting an amalgamation of classically-derived design styles of European origin (English Georgian, French Rococo, French Neoclassical, and Italian Neoclassical) and a variety of Chinese decorative and fine arts. In addition, Winfield House has an extensive collection of American fine arts. The monumental scale, classical plan, and spatial organization of Winfield House are relative to both American Colonial and British Georgian architectural styles, and their revivals in the 1930s. The interior plan utilizes linear axiality and a central enfilade to facilitate circulation in a grand and formal manner.  With three sides of the building having direct access to the gardens, the plan yields an open and airy interior with an abundance of natural light. The ground floor of the symmetrical core holds the reception and state rooms, while the first floor houses the private living quarters of the US Ambassador and his/her family. The wing, extending from the east façade is known as the Staff Wing and serves the needs of diverse Winfield House employees.

Ground Level Plan

The Vestibule
image of reception hall
The Reception Hall
image of gold room
The Gold Room
image of the garden room
The Garden Room
image of clock in state dining room
The State Dining Room
image of stair hand rail
The Stair Hall
The Family Dining Room